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Si Fu Ralph Ferreiro

Si Fu Ferreiro studied karate and after seeing Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei demonstration of YKM, Ferreiro challenged Grandmaster Wan Tak Kie. After just one YKM kung fu move,  Ferreiro was convinced that YKM was the superior style and immediately asked to become Grandmaster's student.  Many of Si Fu Ferreiro's students were military service personnel, including members of the United States Navy SEALS teams.

 Si Fu Lok Sang Lee

After studying at least four other martial arts styles, upon Grandmaster Van of YKM settling in San Francisco during the early 70’s, Si Fu Lee began his lifelong dedication of YKM. He became the head coach of Lee On Don Association and establishing YKM as one of the most recognized martial arts studio in the Bay Area.

 Si Fu Michael Lau

Si Fu Lau has always loved martial arts ever since his childhood. After studying YKM from Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei and becoming a Si Fu of YKM in San Francisco, Si Fu Lau was invited to become the head coach of the Lau Family Association where he formed the first YKM women’s lion dancing team which placed third in the World Lion Dance competition. Si Fu Lau continues to teach students and actively participates in many fundraising events.

 Si Fu David Louie

After studying at least three other martial arts styles, Si Fu Louie, impressed by YKM's variety and versatility, decided to concentrate on only one martial arts style and majored in YKM from Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei in San Francisco. After teaching YKM at KoDenKan Institute, Si Fu Louie began teaching his own classes of YKM at various locations. 

 Si Fu Bob Gin

Si Fu Gin enjoyed the martial arts and began studying YKM from Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei in the ’70s. He assisted Grandmaster Van in Los Angeles and taught many students. He is very active in the LA Gin Association and LA Chinatown and Alhambra, CA communities.

 Si Fu Dennis Lew
Si Fu Lew is an accomplished and highly proficient YKM practitioner having studied with Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei privately for many years beginning in the late '70s.  Si Fu Lew enjoys the technicality and intricacies of YKM, combining both their soft and hard components of YKM together.

Si Fu Kevin Quock

Si Fu Quock began studying with Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei at the age of 12 in the early '70s.  Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei's passion for teaching YKM was clearly evident when he would commute at least 30 minutes to train Si Fu Quock at his residence privately until he was old enough to drive to Grandmaster's studio in Monterey Park.  Si Fu Quock later became the chief lion dance instructor for the Los Angeles YKM school.

Si Fu Susan Yee

 Si Fu Susan Yee, in San Francisco, second generation YKM trained, is the only female YKM Si Fu worldwide. In 1993, she and her all-female lion dancing team took third place in the World Lion Dance Competition. Si Fu Yee continues to excel in lion dancing and continues to give public service to SF Chinese community in fundraisers.

Si Fu Richard Ow

Si Fu Ow, in San Francisco, second-generation YKM trained, was promoted to Si Fu by Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei and Si Fu Lok Sang Lee in 2000. His students have competed and won championships in kung fu, sparring and lion dance.

Si Fu Ryan Sayco

After learning YKM and lion dance from Grandmaster Wan Tak Kei in Winnipeg, Canada, Si Fu Sayco open a YKM studio along with his sister, Cheryl Sayco. 

​Norman Lau


(Richard Van)

San Diego